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Plants iView

U of I Volunteers

Volunteering for Plants iView entails about four or more hours of time commitment. You will be responsible for:


 - having a background check (online)

 - participating in a volunteer orientation

 - attending a prep meeting for a given topic

 - reading the lesson material provided to prepare you for the activity

 - attending at least one volunteer session


Of course, you can participate as little or as much as you are able. 


Currently we are looking for volunteers to help run 40-minute Arabidopsis Phenotyping Module class sessions at Jefferson Middle School (1115 Crescent Dr, Champaign, IL). See the Calendar for April 2016 to determine which topics and dates fit your schedule and fill out the Sign Up Form to participate.


Stay tuned for other volunteering opportunities in the future with these Lessons!


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Plants iView!


Email if you have any questions about participation.