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Plants iView


School Teachers

Plants iView strives to create interactive, educational lessons focused on plant-science topics that can be enacted in any classroom and modified to fit any level. The lessons produced by University of Illinois graduate students are available for download. Please click on the Lessons link in the menu on the left of your screen for more information on the lessons available. If you have questions about how to carry out a lesson or would like to contact us please email


Additionally, we acknowledge that every afterschool program is different and that our lessons are designed for middle school students, but can be adjusted for other age groups as well.  To help you tailor our lessons for your specific needs or to trouble shoot ideas with other teachers across the nation, we have provided a Teacher Discussion Forum.  Please feel free to post any changes you made or help you need with a topic!


Finally,  if you are from the Champaign-Urbana area, please use our Calendar to see what additional events the Plant Biology Association of Graduate Students (PBAGS) are hosting.