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Plants iView

Welcome PiV Middle School Students!

The graduate volunteers are so excited to bring you face to face with plant biology and scientific experimentation!  We hope that after spending a few weeks with us, you can spread the word about how awesome and important plants are!

You should visit the blog every week and read a post by a graduate volunteer at the University of Illinois.  The topic will introduce what we are covering this week.  Some of the activities we are going to do will involve experiments that take a long time.  To keep you in the loop, we will routinely post updates of your experiments on our blog or webcam!  Check in on occasion to see your results and answer questions posted by your graduate volunteer buddy!

Additionally, after every lesson, you and another student will create a newscast about what you just learned.  We will post them in that week's blog for everyone to watch!

Feel free to bring your parents online to show them your newscast and post to this week's blog!