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     As part of our outreach, faculty members and graduate students at the University of Illinois will design new, cohesive lessons that directly relate to science and society within a month-long module.  

     The following information presents a new module called Arabidopsis Phenotyping. School Teachers can use this cohesive set of plans in their classroom and University Graduate Students to follow when visiting Jefferson Middle School. Please stop by frequently to check out our new modules! 

     Middle school teachers!  If you have any questions, please contact us at or create a post in the Teachers Forum

     University graduate students!  If you have any questions, please contact your current PBAGS Instructional Chair!



Arabidopsis Phenotyping Module



The Science:  Wild type Arabidopsis thaliana plants with a watering control and drought/salt treatment will be grown in a custom-built incubator and analyzed with Raspberry Pi cameras coded by middle school students over the course of one month.  


The Society:  This set of experiments shows the importance of plant physiology and computer engineering to address real world issues such as climate change.


This module will be run throuhgout the month of April. In the first week, the middle school students will sow Arabidopsis seeds and code a Raspberry Pi camera for Arabidopsis phenotyping. Plant growth will be monitored for the second week in preparation for image analysis using Raspberry Pi and Microsoft Excel. Students will present their findings to the class at the end of April. Students will also be introduced to the scientific method, climate change, biotechnology and current phenotyping research to make connections with science and society.  


Lesson plans for Arabidopsis Phenotyping coming soon!