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Plants iView

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Plants iView List of Lessons

     The following information is a short list of lesson plans available for School Teachers to use in their classroom or University Graduate Students to follow when visiting the Urbanan Middle School.

      As part of our outreach, faculty members at the University of Illinois will create and implement new lessons that directly relate to their research.  Please stop by frequently to check out our new lessons! 

     Middle school teachers!  If you have any questions, please contact us at or create a post in the Teachers Forum

     University graduate students!  If you have any questions, please contact your PBAGS Instructional Chair!


iSense the Environment!

Introduce students to plants by stimulating all 5 senses!  Then, discuss how plants sense their own environment using a matching game.


iThink Like a Scientist!

Students work through the Scientific Method and get to perform their own experiment on seed germination.




iRun with ChloroPHUN!

Teaching photosynthesis AND having fun have notoriously been difficult- until now!  In this lesson, students race against each other acting as photosynthetic elements to make the most sugar!


iGrow in Different Biomes!

How healthy is your backyard soil?  What constitutes healthy soil?  Do soil types differ by biome?  Students dicuss all of these concepts and build their own mini-biome to take home and share with family!



Everything alive must be able to reproduce.  Since plants are alive, they must also reproduce!  In this lesson, students will dissect flowers and fruits to learn where much of our food comes from!


iSee DNA!

DNA is an intangible concept for many students grades 5-8, but DNA is so much more than letters on paper!  Students isolate DNA from fruit to solve a fruit murder mystery!  Then, the students can take the DNA home and wear it as a necklace!


iAm Made of Cells!

All organisms are made of cells and cells from each organism look very different because they have a specific structure that forms a specific function.  In this lesson, students will create slides to view cells under a microscope and then use their imagination to make a cell with a specific structure and function!



iRestore and iConserve!

In this field trip, students visit the Champaign Urbana Park District's Meadowbrook prairie or Busey Woods forest restoration to explore the role plants play in a healthy ecosystem.


iDiscover Carnivores, Cacti, and Creepers!

Students tour the University of Illiniois' Plant Biology Greenhouse where Debbie Black has created many biomes to house a vast diversity of plant species from all over the world!


iPollinate with Birds and Bees!

Students visit the University of Illinois' Pollinatarium to view live bee colonies, taste honey made from different flowers, and play fun pollinator games!